Friday, October 18, 2019

Ethical Standards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethical Standards - Essay Example These behaviors disrupt peaceful coexistence in the society. However, criminal justice system (police) establishes and maintains ethical standards to suggest such manners. There are several ways through which the police help to solve and settle those issues. The judicial system (police) in a society allows actions done in order through lawful means. The police are personnel who have been entrusted with the duty to provide law and order in society by implementing the law. They also have the right to exercise their duty in a fair and just way without favor of any group or party. However, these personnel are covered with code of ethics and conduct that they must attend to as expected. The code of ethics act as the overall supervisor. Police officers are persons who have undergone training of acquiring proficiencies and tactics that help them to provide the best attention to the people in a society. The training they undergo enables them to deal with law breakers in different ways. Since police officers are trained persons, ethical doctrines play an important responsibility in their work. While ethical standards involve identifying what is good from the wrong, people are expected to prefer doing the things in the right manner by avoiding the wrong deeds. People from different societies have different ways of life and doctrines; however, people confined to the same place have a set of rules that govern their coexistence. These ways of life and doctrines allow the police officers to put into force the law and order. In order to put into force these ways of life and doctrines, the police officers must, therefore, stick to their way of service always by lawful means and not because of their opinion or moods. The basi s of the way of service by police officers provides framework on the desired behaviors they should stick to while attending to the people. Moreover, the police officers normally take the oath of justice after training that allows them

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